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    everything you need to
    audition on the go.

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Your Headshots & Production Stills

Make your images available for anyone who wants to work with you.

Your Reels, Videos and Trailers

IMQR allows you to post and display multiple videos at a time.

From paper to digital in seconds

Your unique quick response code (QR code) allows producers, casting and others to quickly scan your code and be transported to your IMQR online profile.

Simply download your code and print it on your headshots or business cards, and the people you meet will have instant access to your reel, headshots and more.

From Paper to digital in seconds
IMQR is fully responsive

IMQR is fully responsive

It works on any device.

We want you to book the part you just auditioned for. So we programmed IMQR with all your various devices in mind. Whether casting is looking at you on a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone, the interface will resize and adjust to optimize the viewing experience.

IMQR vs custom development

Get more for your money

Ok, we're not pointing fingers at anyone, but the fact is that hiring a programmer to create a website for you is an outdated way to get this done. We understand you need to watch your dollars carefully. IMQR eliminates spending on old technology and accomplishes much more, much simpler.

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